Natural Spring and Purified Water Bottles by Aqua Source Water

Hair and Nails: Silica helps grow thick, luscious hair with shine, luster which tends to drop less. The formation of natural collagen helps with faster and harder growth of nails .

Skin Health: Skin is the body's largest organ. The supplementation of silica within can help maintain a youthful, smooth and supple skin tone and increase collagen levels which delay the aging process.

Bone Health:Silica helps maintain bone density and strength by facilitating deposits of calcium and minerals into the bone matrix.

Joint Health: Silica is vital to support the integrity of joints and ligaments and hinder the pain of osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

Cardiovascular Health: Normalise circulation and regulate high blood pressure by fortifying blood vessels.

Immune System: Silica stimulates the immune system.

Lung Protection: Silica aids in the repair and maintenance of vital lung tissues and defending them from pollution.

Lower levels of Toxin: Addition to water's natural cleansing proposition, silica does the added job of ridding the body of dangerous level of aluminium.